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I'm very much in love with this piece. I love the premise, the message, and the execution of it; everything works wonderfully here. The...

Wow, this is a great work of literature. The plot progression is flawless, the atmosphere moving, the story intriguing, and all within ...

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1) What is your favourite piece of work from your own gallery? (include a link/thumb)
As bad as this short story is, it's just about the longest and most intelligible thing I've written.  

2) Remember that thing you wrote/drew/painted when you were a kid and were so super proud of? What was it?
In fifth grade I wrote about two pages of this story featuring a tuba playing nerd (definitely not inspired by myself) and a stereotypical popular girl. The popular kid hated the nerd, while the nerd cooly and composedly made the popular kid seem dumb. I was convinced this was a genius idea that would develop into a novel and make me famous. 

3) Have you ever dreamed so big it made you afraid of what would happen if you fell?
I'm assuming 'dream' and 'fell' aren't being used in their concrete, literal definitions here, so yes. Whenever I think about the future I become a self-defeating coward.

4) If money wasn't an issue, what would you do with your time? Would you make your passion your full time job, get a regular part-time just, just for the sake of getting out into the world, or dedicate yourself to leisure?
A mix I suppose? I would fill the day with film and novels and maybe visual art, some of which I would critique. I adore editing so I'd do a bit of that and also, if it didn't depress me too much, write a bit on my own and do some of my own art. Also philosophy because philosophy is cooler than you  are.

5) Are you enough of a nerd to know what TARDIS stands for? (without having to Google it)
Dude someone said it once and I completely forget. I don't watch Doctor Who but I probably qualify as a nerd.

6) If you could visit one city that you've never been to before, where would you go, and why?
Wow this is tough. Somewhere in Switzerland or somewhere in Japan, because I've always wanted to visit and experience Europe, but Japan is kick-ass and I enjoy the creative people that country produces. 

7) Name one seemingly ordinary object that has been made utterly terrifying for you because of a book/movie/tv show.
Do blowjobs count as an object? If not, bumblebee octopuses coupled with the sound of wire brushes? Wow I'm not very good at this. 

8) What is the last book you read, and would you recommend it to me?
by Jean Paul Sartre! Yes I would!The end was a tad cheap, but he really gives a well imagined reminder of what existentialism is really about. 

9) Do you prefer science or philosophy?
Philosophy. It targets more ephemeral questions, ones that science will never be able to touch, and brings into question whether science has any rooted truth or value in the first place. 

10) What is the most recent addition to your favourites gallery? (include link or thumb)
By the exquisite bareHa, one of my favorite artists on deviantART. I'm going to go ahead and make this full-sized since a thumbnail doesn't do it justice.
your sweetly bitter heart by bareHa

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you'd like, post these questions in a journal and answer them. 

1. What is your favorite branch of the arts and why?
2. Do you have free will and are you free?
3. Do you believe in picking favorites?
4. If you're terrified, is is worse to keep your eyes open or to keep your eyes shut? Why?
5. What is the coolest possibility the theory of evolution offers?
6. Are you a pessimist or an optimism? Explain your definition of both terms. 
7. Do you have the same basic interests today that you did when you were a child? If so, what's the same? If not, what's different?
8. How many more years will the human race exist for?
9. Do you speak another language? If so, which language? If you could instantaneously learn another language, which would you choose?
10. Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?


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Hello! Writing introductions is very intimidating for me because they're a summation of identity that's passed off as trivial. My identity is complex, like everyone's, and I don't know how to quickly and cleanly present it in a way that will make me appear unique, intelligent, or interesting, so if you want to get to know me, read some of my prose or start a conversation and that can be our introduction.

The above picture of me was taken by my amazing sister, distourtion


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